A healthy life starts in the supermarket!
Stop to poison your body!
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Basemarket shall be a new supermarket chain which offers:
- nonpoisonous, healthy, organic food only
- biodegradable goods for basic needs

All products shall be produced in own cooperatives with environmental care.
- Agriculture without pesticides, herbicides and chemicals
- packaging which don't contaminate the food, biodegradable packaging;
Also verified local farmers can bring their organic produce to the Basemarket for sale.

You are invited to
support the creation of this new supermarket chain.
Any support is welcome!
Substantial investors are welcome to become a member of the management or staff.
How to participate:
1st Please register at the iduzone
2nd Buy Basecoin

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No email address needed - internal message system

2nd Login, go to News, -> News publisher directory, ->food, drink, -> Basemarket news and subscribe.

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